Choose Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic as your Tempe Vet

Did you know that Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, located in St Peters, provides house calls at no additional charge? We work with cats, dogs, and rodents, and we want to be your Tempe vet for your pet. Conveniently located within easy driving distance of Tempe, our office has a spacious underground parking lot and a friendly and highly skilled staff. Bring in your dog or cat for check-ups, grooming, de-sexing, vaccination, and even dentistry.

We offer same-day surgical procedures (no overnights) with the safest anaesthesia practices. Our staff surgeons are extremely skilled and have a 0% morbidity/mortality rate, so you can trust that your pet is safe with us. Things like dental procedures that would otherwise be extremely uncomfortable for your pet are no problem with our gentle and safe care.

If your pet has mobility issues, is older, or becomes anxious about driving to the clinic, we can be the Tempe vet that comes straight to your door. Our house calls are no extra charge and our van is fully equipped with all the supplies we need.

We’ve been providing excellence in veterinary care to St. Peters and its surrounds for over five years. As the vet for Tempe families and others around, we believe in marrying compassion to the most up-to-date medicine at a reasonable price. Our reputation in the community is unsurpassed for skilled care from a conveniently located and friendly clinic. We hope you’ll call soon to schedule an appointment!