Pet concierge service

Our concierge service is now well and truly up and running and we cordially invite you to take advantage of this complimentary service, which is designed to make it easier for you to get your pets to and from SCV clinics – no traffic negotiation and no parking stresses.

What is it? Who is Marc?

Our experienced, mature concierge – Marc is an animal lover and seasoned professional. He is in charge of connecting you and your pet with SCV via our rapid response vehicles.

The concierge service is available during the day and evening Sydney wide and for all species and situations like:

  • Pick up and return home for:
    • Surgeries
    • Consultations
    • Blood testing and swabbing after a virtual consult
    • Boarding and day care
  • Medication + food deliveries

With our concierge service, all you need to do is stay in the comfort of your home and receive updates via your phone/e-mail on your pet’s condition.