We are prepared for anything

Emergency Surgery

You want to make sure your pet is in the best hands possible in an emergency.

At some point in many pet’s lives, they will in all likelyhood require a surgical procedure.

This is a very important time for pets and their family. At Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, no compromises are made to ensure the safest and highest quality outcome.

In our two operating rooms and sterile operating theatre, our veterinary surgeons are trained to perform almost all surgeries ranging from soft-tissue, tumour removals to complex orthopaedic surgeries. For procedures that extend past the scope of a general practitioner, we have consulting specialists who visit our rooms on a regular basis. This means that at Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, your pet will receive treatment from experienced surgeons, performing the highest standard of surgery.

Our veterinary surgeons are supported by a team of registered veterinary nurses who love animals. One nurse is dedicated to your pet during their stay at our clinic. This means that your pet will receive personalised care and attention, making for the most comfortable surgical experience possible.


A comprehensive on-site laboratory performs all the pre-anaesthetic blood testing to ensure that our veterinarians can detect any abnormalities before they become clinical.


  1. Anaesthetic machines
    Unlike any other veterinary clinic in Sydney, Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic shares the same GE anaesthesia machines found in human hospitals like St Vincents and Prince of Wales Hospitals.These anaesthetic machines monitor every step of the anaesthesia and gives second-by-second recordings of your pets vital signs to ensure the correct depth of anaesthesia and to avoid anaesthetic related complications.These machines make for a smoother recovery from anaesthesia and an earlier discharge time
  2. Recovery process
    The recovery period after a general anaesthetic is a time when complications can occur. This is why your pet has a dedicated nurse by their side for the entire recovery process.
  3. Purpose built operating theatre for major surgery
  4. Pain relief plan
    Every Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic patient goes home with a personalised plan to combat pain and inflammation after surgery. It is well recognised that pain hampers the healing process and so this is why our veterinarians tailor the medication plan to suit your pet.
  5. Only the best instruments and suture
    We use the German-made Aesculap(TM) range of surgical instruments. This ensures that less tissue trauma occurs while the surgeon is operating and makes for less inflammation post surgery. Our range of absorbable and non-absorbable suture material is the same type used in advanced human surgery, again making the recovery period smoother and the post-surgical wound more cosmetic.

If your pet is an important and much loved part of your family; if you demand only the highest standards and safest treatment; if you want them to be comfortable and constantly monitored during any procedure and you will only tolerate exceptional care for your loved one, then you will feel comfortable in knowing that every animal at Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic is treated with the best available care by a dedicated team of veterinary surgeons and exceptional nursing staff.