Top level care for your loved ones

Animal Hospital Sydney

You can trust that your pet is getting the very highest level of care when they go in for surgery at Southern Cross Vet

Why choose Southern Cross Animal Hospital in Sydney if your pet needs surgery?

Whether you need a routine check-up, a vaccination, a surgery, or an emergency service, we are here to help you and your pet. Our team of veterinarians and support staff are highly trained and experienced in handling a variety of animal health issues, from preventive medicine to critical care. We also offer a range of diagnostic and therapeutic services, such as blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound, dental care, and more.

Our Hospital Surgeons

Our family of caring animal hospital surgeons are dedicated to giving your pet the most modern surgical experience and are up to date with the latest techniques.

We offer

  • Blood tests: We can perform various blood tests to check for infections, parasites, allergies, organ function, and more. Blood tests can help us diagnose and treat many diseases and conditions in your pet.
  • X-rays: We can take x-rays and other scans of your pet’s bones, joints, chest, abdomen, and other areas to look for fractures, tumours, foreign bodies, and other problems. These can help us determine the best course of action for your pet’s health.
  • Ultrasound: We can use ultrasound to examine your pet’s internal organs, such as the heart, liver, kidneys, bladder, and more. Ultrasound can help us detect abnormalities, such as fluid accumulation, cysts, stones, and masses.
  • Dental care: We can provide dental cleaning, scaling, polishing, extraction, and other dental procedures for your pet. Dental care is important for your pet’s overall health and well-being, as it can prevent bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, and infections.

Wonderful Nurses

Our nurses all have pets of their own and are selected because of their genuine love for animals. They stay BY YOUR PET’S SIDE until the completion of the recovery process. They are in charge of maintaining your pet’s temperature, administering pain medications and monitoring all vital signs during your pet’s recovery at our vet hospital.


Our operating theatre is designed for surgeon comfort, and therefore optimal surgical outcomes.

Our state-of-the-art, sterile operating theatre is among the most spacious and is fully equipped to support our surgeons in their precise work and even has piped-in music for optimal comfort.

Pain Relief

Every Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic patient goes home with a personalised plan to combat pain and inflammation after surgery. It is well recognised that pain hampers the healing process and so this is why our veterinarians tailor the medication plan to suit your pet.

Highest Quality Instruments

Our animal hospital is equipped with modern facilities and technology to ensure the best possible outcome for your pet. We treat every animal as if they were our own, and we strive to make their visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Intensive Care & Recovery

Our recovery room offers pets in intensive care or post-surgery monitoring the latest in patient comfort. We are cage-free and have beautiful glass and aluminium suites to accommodate pets feeling under the weather.

We’re committed to avoiding the main anaesthetic complication – hypothermia and have invested in technology such as Bair-Huggers and Nellcor WarmTouch systems (the same systems used in human paediatric wards) to shorten recovery times.

Constant Monitoring

Our dedicated nurses use state-of-the art monitoring devices as well as gentle hands when recovering your pet. Our monitoring devices include capnography, pulse oximetry, non-invasive blood pressure, ECG and other advanced systems to make sure the recovery period is as smooth as possible.