Caring, experienced, capable

Why Southern Cross Vet

is the right choice of partner for your pet's health, and advisor for all your pet care questions.

Southern Cross is a family owned practice and we believe things can be done differently. We’ve got a unique approach to veterinary medicine.

The parents of our pets are given all the options and while they are guided by our role as ‘advocates’ of our patients, they aren’t pressured into one treatment option. Our Veterinarians practice with passion whether your visit is for a routine cat vaccination, for a major surgery, you’ve popped in for behavioural advice or x-rays.

Our Equipment

We’re proud of our industry-leading diagnostic and treatment equipment and we constantly update our tools to keep up with international trends. So you can be confident that your veterinarian will be using what he or she needs (NOT WANTS) to get to the diagnosis!

Our Friendly Staff

We’ve assembled the best team of vets and nurses, and all are true animal lovers; giving you a level of compassion that should be present in all veterinary clinics. Our staff regularly attend domestic and overseas Continuing Education events to maintain the highest professional standards.

Hassle Free Parking

Our Inner West pet parents looking for a vet from places like Arncliffe, Mascot, Petersham and Marrickville have the convenience of easy underground parking via our Barwon Park Rd entry. Our Eastern Suburbs parents looking for a Double Bay Vet from places like Rose Bay, Bellevue Hill, Bondi or Bondi Junction, there is ample street parking in Bellevue Hill Village.

We believe how much you know and how much you care are equally important.

The importance of Continuing Education (CE)

A unique feature of our staff’s employment contract is that each member is given a continuing education allowance to ensure that our practice is always abreast with the latest information to get to the diagnosis most accurately and quickly.


Be prepared to hear “My vet never told me she had that”

At Southern Cross, we believe knowledge is power. We explain in great detail without the technical jargon, exactly what is going on with your pet and if a treatment or surgery is required, we always give ALL the options to cater for all budgets, while at the same time we are aware of our role as the advocate of your pet.

All our treatment decisions are made in partnership with you but take into account the best interests of your pet.

Contact us to make an appointment or for a tour.

GE Anaesthesiology

The most advanced care for the most critical times. The same machines used by human anaesthesiologists in human operating theatres. No creaky machines used on laboratory animals here! We have installed the same anaesthetic machines found in the top human operating theatres to provide the most advanced care to Southern Cross’s pet patients.

Digital Radiology

Carestream (R) radiology is in our cutting-edge radiology suite. It captures x-ray images in far more detail than other systems, giving us more information than ever before! It allows us to distribute patient images to every computer in the practice and to specialist radiologists domestically and overseas for precise interpretation at the push of a button.

Corain by Dupont Finishes

Infection control and aesthetics were at the core of our decision to go with Corian surfaces.

German Surgical Equipment

German designed and manufactured surgical tools by Aesculap (R) are those used by the top human specialists in orthopaedics and soft tissue surgery and are those used exclusively by our Doctors in our operating theatre.