Our Pledge to Fees

Our Price Promise

Our number one priority is providing the best outcome for pets and owners.

Our fees are very competitive and we strive to keep our fees below our competitors. Our approach at Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic is different. While we pride ourselves on offering the most up-to-date, technologically-advanced care; we will not force pet owners into one option.

We will give you all the options – not simply 1) the ‘right’ and 2) the ‘wrong’.

When it comes to ordering tests to work out a diagnosis, we will not conduct all the tests and then look at the results to work out a diagnosis, we will work in a step-wise fashion to get to the diagnosis quicker without ordering unnecessary tests. For example, we may recommend a blood test, x-rays and an ultrasound to work out why your dog or cat is vomiting. But after doing the blood test, if we have an answer, we may not persevere with the other tests, saving you money and limiting your pet’s discomfort.

There is no pet medicare…

But there is pet insurance.
We strongly recommend to take out a pet health insurance policy. Certain insurance companies pay us directly so there is no ‘out of pocket’ fee for pet owners. By having pet insurance, some of the more difficult decisions surrounding your pet’s health become significantly easier. Operations that cost thousands can be completed without wondering if you can afford them. Get in touch with us for more information about pet insurance.