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Why we’re Here

Southern Cross was born out of a belief that things could be done differently in veterinary medicine. Pet owners should be given all the options – not simply given two: 1) the ‘right’ and 2) the ‘wrong’ and pressured into one. It’s time that the gap between veterinary medicine and human medicine was shortened.

With unique partnerships to human hospitals, the most advanced human equipment in radiology, surgery and dentistry and customer service that cannot be beaten. This is the Southern Cross dream.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: to marry the latest in animal hospital technology, medicine and compassion together, while providing the best vet hospital for surgery, the best medical management and the best service. Every SCVC patient and parent is to feel welcome and informed and experience the best vet service in Sydney from any vet clinic. SCVC believes that a vision without backing is just a hallucination; that’s why we’ve invested in the best vet equipment, assembled amazing vets and staff and have a commitment to continually improving the quality of our service. Looking for a vet in Sydney? Give us a try!

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