Every pet is like our own

Veterinary Consultations

We will give your pet a thorough examination

What makes Southern Cross Vet consultations so special?

Request the same vet

You can always request the same Doctor to attend. In fact, we think it’s better as your Doctor will be familiar with your pet and all her little quirks!

Two heads are better than one

Collegiate approach – more complex cases see our vets often seek the opinions of their colleagues at the clinic. This makes sure that nothing is missed and the diagnosis is spot on!

Less waiting at the vet

Shorter wait times. We have an appointment-based system that minimises walk-ins so that your pet is seen to as promptly as possible.

Everyone loves a treat

Treat jars that are always full of delicious treats to reward your brave and patient pet!

House Calls

Convenience at our clinic or your home – we’re always here for you as we don’t close in the middle of the day for surgery; our Inner West & Eastern Suburbs house call service is another option for those who find it difficult to leave the home or for pets that are stressful. More information can be found here.

Evidence-based recommendations

Evidence – our clinical recommendations are based on the most up-to-date knowledge as our veterinarians frequently attend conferences locally and overseas.

Relaxed Consulting Rooms

Inviting consultation rooms with NO STAINLESS STEEL make for a more welcoming experience and calmer pets.

A loving Environment

Warmth – we see our clients and patients as our family members. Our regular clients share their lives with us and as we slowly get to know you, you can always expect us to remember your name and what your favourite drink is! In every aspect, we endeavour to be more like your suburban GP that knows your whole family rather than the faceless medical centre.

Caring & Compassionate Staff

Staff selection process that focuses on bedside manner – we know how important it is to feel that no question is stupid and you should feel free to discuss anything with your Doctor.

How do you make an appointment?
The best way to make an appointment is to email us or phone us.