Finding a Vet Near Rosebery for Quality Spaying or Neutering Surgeries

The most common surgeries for pets are de-sexing procedures: spaying for females, neutering for males. These surgeries have numerous benefits, from avoided pregnancies, to calmer temperaments, all the way to reduced risk for cancers and other diseases. If you are looking for a vet near Rosebery to perform a safe and effective spay or neuter surgery, you should look no further than Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic.

At Southern Cross, we provide a few advantages when it comes to spay and neuter surgeries—advantages you won’t find at other vets near Rosebery. During the surgery itself, our advanced anaesthetic machines will ensure that your pet is kept safe. We use the same state-of-the-art machines that you would find in human hospitals, and that means that our animals are at lower risk for anaesthesia-related complications than at almost any other vet in the Sydney area.

After the surgery, our pharmacy can provide you with the best and most appropriate painkillers to make sure your pet’s recovery is swift and comfortable. We even have a comfortable, relaxing recovery room for our animals, so that they can rest in an anxiety-free environment following their difficult surgeries.

Finally, Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic provides the most competitively priced de-sexing procedures of any vet in Rosebery Hill. So not only will your animals be kept safe during our surgeries, but your wallet will be too!

Interested in learning more about Southern Cross, or in making an appointment for a spaying or neutering surgery? Visit our website at, or give us a call at 02 9516 0234.