Finding a Trusted Redfern Vet: Why Southern Cross Might Be Right for You

The search for a reputable and affordable Redfern vet can be time consuming and overwhelming. Many vets advertise low prices and rates, but speak little of the quality of care being offered. Whether you are in the market for a new vet for your small animal or looking to switch clinics, Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic may be the answer to your problem.

Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic was founded two years ago, in St. Peters, with one key concept in mind: to use medical and technological advances to ensure that the newest and most innovative procedures are available to care for your pet. This clinic’s high level of commitment to exceeding client expectations and dedication to providing top notch care makes them a great candidate for those seeking a Redfern vet.

Although Southern Cross currently has just one location, they also offer house call services for emergencies. This clinic ensures care is always just moments away. Southern Cross also emphasises safe anaesthesia procedures, so you will not have to worry about your pet receiving incorrect dosages. Their competitive and fair pricing for quality care is another benefit to consider. The professional and reputable staff members include a team of highly regarded surgeons, as well as welcoming and helpful receptionists, all dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.

Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic makes selecting a Redfern vet a simple process. Southern Cross offers a caring team of experienced veterinarians fully dedicated to ensuring your pet receives the best medical care available, all at affordable prices.

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