Protect Your Cat or Dog with Vaccinations; Located next to Marrickville

Making sure to keep on vaccinations is one of the best things you can ever do for your dog or cat. Without annual vaccines, you can protect your pet from viral or bacterial diseases that are otherwise incurable, saving yourself money and grief in the long run, and giving your cat or dog the long, happy and healthy life that they deserve.

If you are looking to establish care at a vet near Marrickville, we hope you will consider Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic in St. Peters. We have been in business for just two years, but have already built a reputation for providing high-quality care at a competitive price. We can help you to understand which vaccines are right for your pet, as well as to keep you on an annual vaccination schedule. When it’s time for your cat or dog to get a vaccine renewed, we’ll send you a notification. Then, you can just give us a call to make the appointment!

Whether it’s feline HIV or canine rabies, Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic can take care of all the vaccinations that your pet needs to live long and healthy live. Without the antibodies provided by these vaccines, you can leave your cat or dog vulnerable to a potentially fatal disease, thereby leaving yourself vulnerable for heartbreak, regret and even guilt. With them, you can be a responsible pet owner, experiencing the joys of an animal companion for years and years to come.

The choice is simple: visit the Southern Cross vet office near Marrickville today and get your cat or dog vaccinated. Call us today at 02 9516 0234 to make an appointment.