Finding a Trusted and Affordable Hurlstone Park Vet

It can be exceedingly overwhelming to figure out how to select the right vet for your family’s pet. Many vets boast low prices and rates on prescriptions, but finding a Hurlstone Park vet that places a primary emphasis on caring for your pet can be difficult. If you are in the market for a new vet for your small animal, Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic may be the answer you have been seeking.

Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic was founded with one main goal in mind: to utilise medical and technological advances to ensure the newest and most innovative procedures are available to treat your pet. Southern Cross has a high level of commitment to exceeding client expectations, often going the extra mile to ensure animals are well cared about. Their dedication to providing top-notch care makes them a great candidate for those seeking a Hurlstone Park vet.

Southern Cross, located in St Peters, is a close distance to Hurlstone Park which makes us very accessible. Also featuring a concierge pick up & dropoff service as well as house calls for emergencies, this vet ensures care is always just moments away. Southern Cross also emphasises safe anaesthesia procedures, so you will not worry about your pet receiving an incorrect dosage. The highly trained staff members include a team of reputable surgeons, as well as friendly and helpful receptionists, dedicated to customer service.

Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic makes selecting a Hurlstone Park vet an easy decision. Southern Cross has a caring team and experienced veterinarians fully dedicated to ensuring your pet receives the best medical care available.

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