When Distance Doesn’t Matter: How Telehealth Saved Jessie and Lola 

When Distance Doesn’t Matter: How Telehealth Saved Jessie and Lola 

Living far from a vet clinic doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your pet’s health. At Southern Cross Vet, we offer convenient telehealth consultations that connect you with our experienced veterinarians, no matter where you’re located. 

Case 1: Jessie, the Remote Rescue

Jessie, a stunning blue cattle dog living in Weipa, Queensland, battled a persistent cough for months. With limited local vet access and high costs, her owners were worried. Luckily, they discovered Southern Cross Vet’s telehealth services. 

Through a Virtual/ Telehealth consult, Dr Sam Kovac (founder and Director of Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic) was quickly able to diagnose Jessie with heartworm, a serious mosquito-borne disease. Through further telehealth consultations, we reviewed blood tests, prescribed medication, and arranged delivery to the local pharmacy for immediate treatment. 

Within weeks, Jessie showed improvement, and her owners were thrilled with the ease, convenience, and affordability of telehealth care at Southern Cross Vet. 

Following Queensland regulations, we later coordinated a physical examination with a local vet once the road reopened. 


Case 2: Lola’s City Woes


John and Alice, a Melbourne couple working from home, noticed a change in their beloved Cavoodle, Lola’s, bowel movements. Worried about the blood in her stool, they booked a telehealth consultation with Southern Cross Vet. 

Through a virtual appointment, Dr Sam Kovac discussed Lola’s diet, deworming routine, and the recent changes in her stools. Suspecting she picked up something at the dog park, we recommended a stool sample test. 

The test confirmed Giardia and Clostridia, both treatable with medication. With telehealth consultations, we monitored Lola’s progress and answered John and Alice’s questions about diet and treats. 

These cases illustrate the power of telehealth. It allows us to provide expert veterinary care, regardless of location. If you have any concerns about your pet’s health, contact Southern Cross Vet now and discover how telehealth can help! To book an appointment simply head to https://scvc.as.me/virtualconsult or give us a call at 1300 DOC SAM (1300 362 726). 

Author: Dr Sam Kovac