Dr Sam

Like many children aged three, Dr Sam wanted to be a vet, and nothing has changed from then until now when he considers that he ‘is’ a vet and not just ‘works’ as a vet.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with Merit from the University of Sydney in 2011, Dr Sam became a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, UK in 2013

Working for a short time as an associate in Matraville, to the South of Sydney, Dr Sam worked out quickly what he thought families wanted from a veterinary experience and what they didn’t think was so good, and so, in 2013, Dr Sam founded Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic in Sydney, out a belief that things could be done differently in veterinary medicine.

The values of the clinic centre around continually investing in the newest technology, the belief in the importance of hugging and healing in equal measure and treating the families who choose the clinic to look after their pets, as well as the staff who choose to work there with respect and generosity. Free team lunches each week, an open-dog policy allowing staff to bring their pets to work, and doona days are some of the ways Dr Sam’s vision for a great team culture are implemented

Dr Sam has a genuine interest in all of his patients and personally follows up with all our surgery patients each evening to make sure they rest easy.

Shortly after, Dr Sam launched Project HoPe – an ACNC registered Charity that provides free surgical, and medical services to the City’s homeless population’s companion animals as well as crisis accommodation for these pets, to enable their owners to seek assistance themselves – for example if they need a hospital stay themselves.

In 2017, he launched a 2nd location of Southern Cross Vet in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and in 2018, acquired a 3 rd hospital in Surry Hills.

In 2020, the pandemic shifted the way SCV operated as a clinic with many people being sick and with these challenges, Dr Sam’s brainchild – the Concierge service, was born. This new service offers Sydney a free shuttle service between their homes, work and clinic to ensure they can get their pets seen at a time irrespective of their work and home schedules.

Professionally, his passions are for minimally invasive surgery, which led him to introduce NSW’s first and only single port keyhole surgery service to animals as well as a less invasive approach to the traditional surgery helping brachycephalic (short nosed) breeds breathe better (BOAS)

Committed to public service, Dr Sam serves on the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Australian Committee for Chemicals Scheduling, which ensures the safe scheduling of chemicals that the Australian public has access to.

Currently Dr Sam is enrolled in the Australian Veterinary Association’s new Chartered Veterinary Practitioner accreditation and aims to graduate in 2025 with the first cohort.

Dr Sam’s interests are outdoor cooking for others, and exploring new parts of his environment with his three corgi dogs and loves his red wine!