Southern Cross Vet in the news

Southern Cross Vet in the news

Southern Cross’ new after hours late night vet service is mentioned in the Daily Telegraph. read more

Dr Sam is interviewed on 2GB radio in Sydney about the new after hours pet care clinic and emergency services. Listen


In this heartwarming Sunrise TV coverage, you can witness the sheer joy and excitement of the corgis and their humans. Watch the full story

‘Worse than the Taliban’: Vet blasts dog baiters, cases skyrocket

Local dog owners in the state’s west are vigilant as posts concerning dog baiting and letters of warning have circulated on social media platforms. Here’s the latest (Paywall)

Animal guts appearing across Sydney: 

Sydney’s dog-walkers and parkgoers have stumbled across “alien-like” fleshy objects of late as one vet revealed what the things were and why it’s a good thing…read more

NSW’s veterinary shortage to be investigated:

NSW’s veterinary shortage is leaving some vets covering areas “the size of Scotland”, amid a probe into the worker shortfalls…read more

Pet blood donations: How to help save someone’s best friend

While many Australians donate blood everyday it’s also true for man’s best friend. Vets across the country are asking for altruistic owners to consider donating their pet’s blood…read more

Anxiety and gastrointestinal issues in pets – Dr. Kovac Knows it all

How to notice, manage and treat anxiety that might occur within your loved pets…listen more

Dr Sam on ABC Radio First Case of Covid in Dogs in NSW

In the News: Can our pets get COVID? – Dr Sam on 2GB Radio…listen

Returning to work? Expert tips to deal with your dog’s separation anxiety

Our pets will need to learn to cope without us in post-lockdown life. Here are 5 helpful tips from experts…read more

Dr Sam Nose his stuff

French Bulldogs can breathe a little easier with new technology pioneered by a Sydney Vet…read more

Pet project: Vet Sam Kovac is saving animal lives with human treatment

Trailblazing vet Sam Kovac is using groundbreaking human treatments to save pets’ lives, as Mercedes Maguire reports! more

Ticks are most common in the warmer months, especially when it is humid.

However, your pet can be affected at any time of the year!..listen here

Dog breeds that have the worse health problems with Sam Kovac

The dog breeds that have the worse health problems plus a new surgery he’s invented to help French bulldogs breathe easier…listen here 

How and when to brush your dog’s teeth with Sam Kovac

Interview with 2HD with tips on when and how to brush  your dog’s teeth…listen here 

Ban dogs which present ‘unacceptable risk to our society’, says Sydney vet

Some dog breeds “represent an unacceptable risk to our society” and have to be banned or have further restrictions placed upon them…Read more

Sydney vet reveals owners have asked about euthanising pets due to fears of coronavirus spread

A Sydney vet is being asked by pet owners if they should euthanise their cats and dogs as a way to stop the spread of coronavirus…read more

Vet cops backlash after thief steals RFS donations

A man was caught on CCTV stealing $1000 in RFS donations from a Sydney vetinary surgery. But bizarrely after releasing the footage it was the vet who was lashed with criticism…read more

Fur real? Anti-vaxxers are refusing to vaccinate their pet DOGS amid fears it  gives them autism – as vets slam the bizarre new theory

A number of anti-vaxxer pet owners are now denying their dogs vaccinations for potentially deadly diseases because of a bizarre new theory…read more

The Australian forcing the Veterinary industry into the technology era

Dr. Sam Kovac, a Sydney-based vet who is breaking ground with new technologies and innovative breakthroughs joins Enterprise Radio…listen here

Are dogs really more dangerous than cigarettes?

Dr Sam Kovac speaks to the Daily Telegraph to discuss N.S.W government legislation surrounding the required “safe” distances from food consumption and preparation areas…read more

2GB Interview- The tragic death of a bulldog in flight

Dr Sam Kovac speaks to 2GB about the recent tragedy on Virgin airlines, which saw a beloved bulldog die during a flight. Dr Sam discusses what owners need to know when flying with dogs, and advice on what is best practice if you do want your brachycephalic (flat-faced) dogs to travel with you during summer.

Vet providing free treatment for homeless pets hopes to expand offering Australia-wide

Project Hope provides free of charge care for animals at the Southern Cross veterinary clinic in Sydney’s inner west. In many ways, it’s a typical vet clinic – except it offers some of its services for free. Since it opened in 2013, the clinic, on a busy road in St Peters, has become the first port of call for homeless …read more

Calls to ban foreign students from owning pets after dog was dumped in a Sydney street

Appealing to the Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic’s followers in the hopes of finding the unnamed pup a forever home, Dr Kovac described him as “a really lovely Lab”, adding that he was “nowhere near as big as he looks in the video”. After the video was viewed more than 10,000 times, a new home was …read more

Face to Face: A vision of hope

Aug 31, 2017 – With support from Uniting Care, Mission Australia, Jewish House and the City of Sydney, the service is financed by donations made to the Southern Cross Compassionate Fund. Operating out of Kovac’s practice, Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, in the inner-western suburb of St Peters, Project HoPe has …read more

How pet ambulance service Howl-tzolah came to care for animals’ owners

Oct 22, 2017 – Since 2013, Sam Kovac has devoted time and money to helping animals who live on the streets. In an initiative called Project HoPe, the young vet offers check-ups, vaccinations and complex surgery at his two Sydney clinics, free of charge for those in need…read more

Vet providing free treatment for homeless pets hopes to expand offering Australia-wide

It’s a busy morning at Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic in Sydney’s inner west. A dog is on the operating table, the floors are being mopped, and four dogs are in the recovery room, including one being comforted by a blanket and a heater…read more

The vet giving people hope: An interview with Sam Kovac

Nov 23, 2016 – Meet animal vet Sam Kovac, founder of Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic and passionate force driving Project HoPe to see pets of the homeless receive adequate care despite their owners’ financial disadvantage…read more

Vets help the homeless and their pets

Dec 13, 2017 – Supporting Information. Guests: Dr Emily Williams, Southern Cross veterinary clinic/Project Hope. Steven Welsh. Dr Sam Kovac, founder, Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic/Project Hope. Dr Leah Skelsky, Pets in the Park. Garry Gibbons…read more

From fake testicles to nose jobs and even hypnotherapy for anxiety — have we gone barking mad?

TAKE a walk in most suburbs around the country, and chances are you’ll cross paths with at least one four-legged friend attached to a doting owner. Scroll through Instagram — same deal. A flood of images featuring perfectly dressed pugs…read more

Project Hope launched to vaccinate and care for Sydney’s homeless pets

Aug 5, 2013 – The pets of the homeless are the target of Project HoPe (Homeless Pets), an initiative that draws on resources from veterinarian Sam Kovac, Jewish House, Missionbeat, local councils and a number of corporate sponsors to vaccinate and provide medical care to the cats, dogs and other pets living rough on…read more

The golden age: mature workers in the veterinary profession

Oct 31, 2017 – Dr Sam Kovac is the owner of Sydney’s Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, and says of his staff of 35, four are over 45 years of age. He says that hiring for personality, skills and the fit into the culture of a practice needs to be the far more important determining factor than the age of a candidate. “There really …read more

Pugs more at risk of heatstroke

Jan 25, 2018 – Heatstroke is a serious issue facing dogs of all sizes, however flat-faced breeds, such as pugs, bulldogs, and boxers are more at risk. Dr Sam Kovac, a vet at Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, joined The Weekender to discuss how to keep our dogs safe and healthy over the hot summer months…read more

Project provides HoPe for pets

Oct 7, 2016 – Dr Sam Kovac from Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic in St Peter’s is helping the pets of people struggling with difficult circumstances through the ProtectHope program. He joined Joanne and David on Talking Pets. For more information about Project HoPe and how you can show your support, contact the …read more