Southern Cross: A Vet Near Glebe That Truly Cares about Your Pets!

When you bring your cat or dog to Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, you can trust that he or she is in good hands. While all vets strive to help animals, we have continuously tried to go one step further over the years, whether that meant investing in human hospital-grade equipment or hiring and training the best surgeons.

What perhaps most separates us from your Glebe Vet, though, is the Southern Cross Compassionate Fund. Too often, we’ve seen pet owners forced into difficult decisions regarding their pet’s care—decisions based almost completely on money. Sometimes, the procedures that would save a pet’s life, or greatly improve their quality of life as an alternative to putting them to sleep, are just not affordable to the average pet owner or family. Such situations leave owners with impossible dilemmas: do they exhaust their savings to save their pet, or do they say goodbye?

At Southern Cross, we hate it every single time we have to speak to pet owners about making these difficult decisions. We have always wished that there was a third alternative, and that wish eventually led us to found the Compassionate Fund—something unique among the vets near and around Glebe.

How does the Compassionate Fund work? Thanks to partnerships with Uniting Care, Mission Australia, the Jewish House and the City of Sydney, we are able to match every dollar donation that the public, our clients, our customers or our friends make to the fund. The money then goes toward financially disadvantaged families and pet owners, helping them to pay for expensive procedures so that they don’t have to choose not to save their pet because of money.

Are you interested in making a donation to the Southern Cross Compassionate Fund? Either visit our website at, call us at 02 9516 0234 or send an email to [email protected]!