A Bondi Vet gives advice on adopting a rescue pet

Bondi Vet

A Bondi Vet gives advice on adopting a rescue pet

Adopting a rescue pet

Over 10,000 dogs and 20,000 cats were euthanased at animal shelters in 2012-2013, representing 20% and 40% of all animals that are abandoned to pounds. This is a frightening statistic and is gut-wrenching. The top 3 reasons for euthanasia in the shelter environment is behavioural issues, infectious diseases, followed by complex medical problems.

Many ‘no-kill’ rescue organisations now exist and hopefully, the rate of euthanasia of ‘unwanted’ pets is going to reduce. By people rescuing animals from shelters rather than buying a puppy or kitten from a breeder, the euthanasia rates could further reduce, but there are certain questions that prospective pet owners need to ask the rescue organisation, before considering to adopt.


Medical history

Apart from many animals being abandoned because of medical problems, shelter environments are typically very crowded and infectious diseases like parvovirus and kennel cough as well as skin infections can spread like wildfire. Advice from our Bondi Vet includes being sure to ask the adoption staff whether they noticed any coughing, diarrhoea or if the pet was treated for any illness while in care. Most illnesses are treatable and this may not be a reason to prevent you from adopting, but it is important information to have, in case your new pet gets ill in the future.


Behavioural history

Again, many pets are abandoned because of behavioural problems and, indeed, the shelter environment can induce behavioural issues in pets due to lack of stimulation, environmental enrichment, and over-crowding. Our Bondi Vet suggests to find out more about the pet by asking shelter staff about her personality and consider taking the pet out for a walk to the shops to see how she interacts with other individuals, road noise and children.

Remember that a pet is for life. Even if you adopt from a shelter, it doesn’t mean you should return it if things don’t work out, this can be very distressing for the animal. So make sure you start off on the right foot and get a pet that will be compatible with you for life.

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