Euthanasia needs to be handled with the most respect

Home Euthanasia

That's why we often recommend home euthanasia

We consider euthanasia as the time in our patients lives that need to be handled with the most respect – after all, we as veterinarians are the only medical professionals, legally allowed to perform this procedure to alleviate suffering peacefully.

“There’s no place like home” and with the end-of-life experience being one of the most emotional times your family will go through, the privacy of the home is often considered the best option for the pet and the family left behind.

Home euthanasia allows:

  • Your pet to be in their own surroundings, where they are relaxed and less anxious
  • For less stress especially if your pet has mobility issues and is difficult to move.
  • Faster healing for the other pets left behind, after the loss of their friend
  • Your pet to be in their favourite spot in the house, with smells that they are familiar with
  • More family members to be present than in a consult room at the clinic
  • The ability to bury your pet, if desired, without difficult transportation issues
  • The ability to grieve for your pet in peace and private.


Will give you privacy

We will not be in your face during the procedure, and between the sedation component and the final euthansia, we allow you as much time as you want and need to spend in the final moments saying goodbye. At this time, we will wait outside or in an inconspicuous part of the room.

Can I keep some hair or a paw print?

Yes, you can request anything you like, and we will do our best to help you – whether that is trimming a lock of hair, bringing clay with us so your pet’s paw print can be immortalised, or taking photos before your pet is sedated.

What do we do after euthanasia has concluded?

You can bury your pet (check with local council first), or allow us to take your pet back to the clinic to be privately cremated and if you wish for your pet to be returned to you, there are a number of keepsakes you can choose. Even though your pet will have passed away, we still handle your pet with dignity and respect.

You can leave the entire process after euthanasia to us, to coordinate the after care, so your family can spend time on grieving and supporting each other over the coming days.

Should I say goodbye first or be there for the process?

You are allowed to sit with your pet and shower him/her with love and reassurance throughout the process, but we understand if you want to say your goodbyes before we begin the euthanasia process.

Many families choose to stay present for the sedation part of the procedure so they can say good bye and watch their pet drift off to sleep, but don’t want to be present for the final injection where pets can go to the toilet and that can be distressing to the family

How does the actual process happen & what are the steps to be prepared for?

  1. The pet is sedated with a relaxant unless there is an emergency or some reason to perform the procedure with urgency – for example a trauma.
  2. A few minutes passes until your pet is dozing off to sleep.
  3. An intravenous cannula is placed in one of the front arms
  4. A quantity of propofol – a general anaesthetic is given to bring about a rapid loss of consciousness and to ensure the final injection is painless
  5. A quantity of the euthanasia fluid is then given into the cannula and death occurs within seconds

We use pet rest.