Vets tips for having fun this winter in Marrickville

Vets tips for having fun this winter in Marrickville

Rain, hail or shine – providing for your dog’s needs regardless of the weather in Marrickville.

These frosty, dark mornings and chilly evenings Sydney is experiencing make outdoor activities less comfortable and the wind has a certain ‘bite’ to it (no pun intended). Our canine companions don’t go into hibernation during winter and so their requirement for entertainment is still the same in the frigid months.

By making some adjustments at home, you can ensure your dog is stimulated and content year-round which will see fewer behavioural problems and ultimately a more content dog.

1) Feeding regime

The dogs’ ancestor, the wolf would spend most of his daily hours seeking out and hunting prey. Modern dogs have the questionable luxury of having their entire daily ration placed in a bowl and the food often disappears within a matter of minutes (or seconds if you own a Labrador!). We can enrich our dogs lives by making them work for their food and spend more time in food-acquiring activities. Think treat-balls, scattering kibble through the garden and puzzle toys.

2) Games

Rather than sitting on the TV wrapped up in your onesie, spend more time engaging with your pet in games that challenge them. Get out that knotted bone and play tug of war, play a game of hide and seek, or even just a simple game of fetch will stimulate your dog.

3) Tricks

Many owners forget about teaching their pets new tricks after they have aged past puppy-hood, but eager-to-please dogs find it very satisfying to learn new tricks to impress their owners.

4) ‘Fun’ vet visits

Not many people think of this, but why not take your pet to your local Marrickville vet’s office and let them interact with the dogs in the waiting room. My clinic – Southern Cross Vet Clinic and most other clinics would be very happy for this to happen as your pets should be less apprehensive the next time that have to visit for a not-so-fun reason.

Dr Sam Kovac is the founder of Southern Cross Veterinary  Clinic in St Peters.