Toilet Training Your New Puppy

toilet training your puppy

Toilet Training Your New Puppy

Puppy toilet training – How do I teach to teach my puppy to go to the toilet outside?

The best way to toilet train your puppy is with positive reinforcement. This is a Puppy toilet training technique that rewards good behavior, encouraging your dog to repeat that behavior again. Several times a day take your dog outside onto a grassy area. If your puppy shows any signs of wanting to toilet (squatting, circling and sniffing the grass, cocking a leg) say the command ‘go toilet’. If your puppy then toilets outside, give a treat and lots of cuddles.

When you notice any of the pre-toileting behaviours inside the house, quickly move your puppy outside. Take your puppy outside first thing in the morning and after meals, as this is when they are most likely to toilet.

I live in an apartment. How do I toilet train my dog?

Toilet training a puppy in an apartment doesn’t have to be difficult. Most puppies will have a certain kind of surface they prefer to toilet on, usually grass. A puppy may not want to go to the toilet on a concrete balcony and may prefer to go on the carpet inside instead. You can buy artificial grass mats or replaceable real grass such as the ‘Potty Plant.’ Position this grass on the balcony and then train your dog to toilet in that location just as you would on normal grass.

How often should my puppy go to the toilet?

Puppies usually need to wee and poo several times a day. If your puppy does not urinate at all in 24 hours or does not defaecate in 3 days then visit your veterinarian.

Pay attention to your puppy when he/he goes to the bathroom. Difficulty weeing or pooing, blood in wee or poo or diarrhea are all signs that you should visit the vet for a checkup.

What do I do when my puppy goes to the toilet indoors?

You should not discipline your puppy if he/she goes to the toilet indoors. By the time you notice that your puppy has had an accident he/she has already forgotten that they went. Disciplining your puppy will only confuse them. Your puppy may then come to see you as an unpredictable and moody owner.

When your puppy has an accident indoors behave normally around your puppy. Puppies may try and toilet in a place that smells like where they have previously toiletted, clean the area well with a non-ammonia based cleaning product to remove any smells.

My puppy still has accidents?

While they are learning bladder control puppies will still have some accidents indoors. Just like small children, puppies can take time to learn how long they can hold their bladders for. Bladder control can take longer in some dogs than others, particularly female dogs. Excitement urination is very common in puppies and will resolve as your puppy matures. If your puppy is constantly leaking urine this may be a sign of a congenital disease and you should visit your vet.

Dr Bethany Richards (BVSC)