It's so sad to say goodbye

Pet Euthanasia

Although one of the hardest, and last decisions, sometimes it is what's best for them.

Unfortunately, the prognosis for certain health conditions is grave and pet euthanasia may be an option given to you and your pet.

Animal Euthanasia is a medical procedure that leads to the death of the patient in a rapid, smooth manner in order to bring about the alleviation of suffering and pain.

If the owner decides to stay for the procedure, it’s important to know the process of euthanasia:

  1. The patient is sedated with a relaxant
  2. An intravenous cannula is placed in one of the front arms
  3. A quantity of propofol – a general anaesthetic is given to bring about a rapid loss of consciousness
  4. A quantity of the euthanasia fluid is then given and death occurs within seconds

After the procedure, your pet will be stored until you decide what you would like to do. There is an option of individual cremation where the pet’s ashes are returned in a vessel of choice. Some people do not want any ashes to be returned and instead opt for routine aftercare.