Project HoPe – Our Charity

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Project HoPe – Our Charity

Keeping up ‘HoPe’

It’s been almost 5 years now since we launched Project HoPe (Homeless Pets) with a vision to vaccinate every homeless pet and provide access to veterinary services among this often-forgotten part of our community.

Animals don’t discriminate between rich and poor, healthy and unhealthy and for this reason, they should have equal access to veterinary care and services. As pet owners, we have a very deep bond with our four-legged family, and the bond between the homeless and their furry companions is potentially stronger. They spend every minute of their lives with their pets, sharing all of their resources.

Through the past four plus years of working closely with the homeless population of Sydney, we’ve seen first-hand that these companions are essential to the wellbeing and indeed the survival of their owners. They provide a source of stability for the people who have no secure shelter, no guaranteed source of food and limited possessions.

Most animal care related charities provide adoption services and very few provide for the ongoing care of animals. Project HoPe fits this important niche.

We’ve expanded Project HoPe to provide crisis accommodation at our clinic for pets of people who are looking for shelter as well as pop-up clinics to increase the regular checkups of underprivileged pets. We’ve constructed kennels at the well-known Jewish House in Bondi, to make what is Sydney’s first pet-friendly crisis centre and there has since been an influx of people escaping domestic violence situations with their pets, who would otherwise not leave such relationships for fear of being separated from their pet.

Project HoPe needs your support, so please consider donating funds or time.