Local Vets thoughts for Marrickville dog owners.

Marrickville dog owners

Local Vets thoughts for Marrickville dog owners.

Marrickville, Arncliffe and other suburbs surrounding Cooks River is a great place to live if you’re a pet owner. There are some things to remember when playing in the local area:

1) Identifying signs of aggression.

Some breeds of dogs, such as old english sheepdogs, aren’t very good at signalling their intentions as they don’t have alert ears, it is difficult for other dogs to see their eyes and their tail isnt as mobile as other breeds.

In other breeds however, watch out for persistent eye contact, elevated fur at the base of the tail or neck and peeled-back lips are a giveaway.

Keep away from these local baddies.

2) Doggie doo

Keep Marrickville beautiful and remember to pick up your doggies poo. Theres nothing worse than a run with your dogs through Tempe wetlands and stepping in some soft doggie poo. Yuck!

3) Puppacinos and cafés

There are many dog friendly eateries in and around Marrickville. Always ask the waitstaff first to ensure that your best friend is welcome (the furry variety I mean!)

4) Veterinary clinics

Get to know the local veterinary clinics and which ones have easy parking, good opening hours and modern equipment. My clinic Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic is open 7 days. wwwww.southerncrossvet.com.au

5) Dog Parks

My favourite parks in the area are Camdenville and Simpson parks but Tempe wetlands and O’dea Reserve in Camperdown are also great locations to take you dog for a picnic.

6) Training

Even when out and about or visiting your vet in Marrickville, always carry some liver treats so that you can train your dog on the go or reinforce older tricks. This will help make your pets ‘generalise’ their trick repertoire and so they’ll show off their tricks in public and not just at home

7) Day care

If you’re going to be leaving your dog for extended hours while you work, it might be a good idea to consider dog daycare. Stix and Bones in St Peters has a good reputation.

8) Grooming

Keeping your pet silky and well groomed is not only hygienic but also makes them more pattable and nice to snuggle up to! Bento operates a new grooming service from Southern Cross Vet in St Peters. This vet isn’t far from Marrickville CBD.