Letter to our new clients

Letter to our new clients

I’d thought I’d write to you as our new client, to touch on a few points that make our St Peters clinic special.

1) Convenience

Over 20 secure underground car spaces means you’ll never need to stress over finding a park

2) Value
We believe that people once bitten are twice shy and that is why our fees are very competitive. Our clients often tell us that our pricing is significantly less than our competitors.

3) Housecalls (pick-up/drop off also available)

4) Links to human hospitals
We have unique partnerships with the human centres, ensuring your pet will always be looked after with the highest level of care should it be required.

5) Service
As we genuinely care for all our patients as our own, our legendary service reflects this.

6) We’re family-owned and not listed on the Stock Exchange; we won’t push unnecessary, expensive tests that traumatise your pet to satisfy our shareholders as we have a commitment to our patients and not the ‘suits’ behind us.

If you haven’t had a tour of our state-of-the-art premises, or If there’s anything I can help with personally or any advice you require, please contact me directly at:

[email protected] or 9516 0234.

Dr Sam Kovac