Holiday Accomodation for your pet. What is the best option?

Holiday Accomodation for your pet. What is the best option?

With the holidays approaching rapidly, many families in the inner city area are looking for places to board their furry family members while they are away for the holiday season. There are a variety of options out there, and so it is important to choose the right one for your pet.


Home stay

Getting someone to move into your home for the period you are away is a reasonable idea as your pet does not have to become acquainted with a new environment. Organising a home-sitter may be an especially good solution for multi-pet households or those who have both cats and dogs as they can be accommodated all together. The downside is the person looking after your house and pets may not be on-site all of the time to check water bowl levels and to provide a source of human attention.



Some owners of pets who have been acquired form a shelter find it convenient to return their pet there when they’re travelling. I wouldn’t recommend this option as it can encourage anxiety due to the memories of being in a shelter.

Vet clinic

Many veterinary clinics offer boarding services for their clients. This can offer an additional peace of mind while you are away in case your pet has a conditional requiring medical attention. Older pets or those receiving medication would be especially well suited to this type of accommodation over the holidays. Just make sure that the clinic wont be keeping your pet in a cage for the duration of their stay.


Boarding in a purpose-built facility is one of the most common accommodation options. Just be sure to check the credentials of the shelter to ensure your pet is well looked after and wont come home with fleas!