Searching for a Bunny Vet near me?

Rabbits are a popular pet in New South Wales. It’s not hard to see why, as they make great indoor pets! Bunnies are sleek looking animals, don’t need a lot of space and are famous for their inquisitive personalities.

When you’re beloved rabbit gets sick, it’s time to seek an expert rabbit vet in Sydney. At Southern Cross Vet, we’re popular locally for being a rabbit vet, or bunny vet. We take care of all breeds of rabbits that can be found locally in Sydney. These include:

American Rabbit (or ‘German Blue Vienna’)

American Sable

Angora Rabbit

Belgian Hare


Blanc De Hotot

Californian Rabbit

Cashmere Lop Rabbit

Dwarf Lop/Mini Lop Rabbit

Caring for your rabbit in the Eastern Suburbs, or Inner West is now easy, as you now know where to look for a “Bunny Vet near me”!

At Southern Cross, we have all the latest equipment, that wouldn’t be out of place in a human hospital. Pair that with expertly trained vets, and the empathy you deserve as a pet owner. We love pets, especially rabbits and will go out of our way to provide the finest veterinary care in Sydney for your fluffy friend.

Call us, or book online today to see an expert bunny vet at our clinic.