Why Being a Vet is Best!

Why Being a Vet is Best

Why Being a Vet is Best!

A reflection by Inner West Vet Dr Alex on why being a vet at Southern Cross Vet is the best!

When an animal is sick, they cannot tell you with words what they are feeling. What I love to do is to turn sad eyes and sore tummies into wagging tails walking out the door. Being a veterinarian is a challenging but exciting career; each day is unpredictable and diverse.

In one day we will act in a primary care capacity conducting consultations, undertake complex diagnostics including cytology and ultrasound, and embark on a range of surgical interventions. I love to work with my hands and perform delicate surgeries with cosmetic and minimalistic results – it’s my artistic outlet! One fantastic aspect of being a veterinarian that can be overlooked is the ability to meet so many amazing people. Pet owners that I get to meet come from a range of backgrounds and have some great stories to tell!

For as long as I can remember all I have wanted to do is to help animals; they give us so much love and loyalty, and they deserve all the care we can give them.