What a Vet says to do in Marrickville when it’s wet weather

what to do with your pet in wet weather

What a Vet says to do in Marrickville when it’s wet weather

Wet Weather in Marrickville – a Vet’s perspective.

We’re heading into the thick of winter now, but thankfully, the Inner West and specifically, Marrickville, has a lot of exciting things to do with your pet. Your local Vet in Marrickville, the Southern Cross Vet Clinic, has some suggestions.

1. Diet
Try rotating protein sources for interest – one day give fish, the other chicken and so on. Try freezing chicken necks, portions of meat and fish in an old ice cream bucket filled with water and giving it to your pet. This will entertain them for hours on a quiet day in. Remember, the dog’s ancestor – the wolf, spent most of his day hunting for food, and our companion pets
2. Stair games
If you’re lucky enough to live in a multi-level house, like our Vet nurse Jones does in Marrickville, throw a ball up to the top of the stairs and let your dog run to the top to fetch the ball and return it to you. This will help to tire them out and as the old saying goes ‘happiness is a tired puppy’. If you have a dog prone to back problems such as a dachshund, make sure you don’t overdo this activity
3. Obedience training
Days restricted to the indoors are a great time to brush up on that trick repertoire.
4. Brushing
Take the opportunity of a quiet day in to give your pet a good ‘brush out’, not only will this help to de-matt your pet, but it will get your pet’s endorphins running and make them feel loved.

There are plenty of things to keep your Marrickville dwelling pet happy and healthy and your Vet at Southern Cross is happy to help!