Choose Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic as your Waterloo Vet

Are you looking for a great Waterloo vet for your dog or cat? Look no further than Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic. When it comes to your pet, whether a cat, dog, rabbit, or rodent, we know that friendly and skilled staff are of the utmost importance. Here at Southern Cross Vet, we provide quality services to families in Waterloo. Vets here have been trained in providing the best care for your pet and others in the Sydney surrounds for two years.

Our staff surgeons are highly trained in anaesthetics and have a 0% mortality/morbidity rate. Additionally, all our surgeries are day-of (no overnights). If you need to come into the office for a procedure, you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands. And you don’t need to worry about parking, thanks to our safe, spacious underground lot. At our location in St Peters, we’re in easy driving distance of Waterloo.

Want a Waterloo vet who’s even closer than that? We have a concierge option at no charge. We’re happy to come straight to you to provide routine or emergency care for your pet. At Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, we’re dedicated at providing the highest-quality care in the most convenient setting for you.

We’re confident that our level of care will make us the best Waterloo vet for your family. Our mission is to provide you with the best when it comes to both medicine and compassion. Call today or book online to schedule an appointment!