Vertical Territory for Cat satisfaction. Vet advice for Inner West Cats

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Vertical Territory for Cat satisfaction. Vet advice for Inner West Cats

The Inner West has many Catteries and vets who offer advice on cat accommodation.

Vertical territory is important for many reasons.

Cats have a strict hierarchy when put together in a group and their height correlates with their perceived spot in the ‘pecking order’

This pecking order isn’t always the same and when many cats are together they often take turns at being on the top spots.

For this reason, vertical territory helps keep the peace by minimising arguments between felines! In summary, vertical space lets cat demonstrate their relationships to each other without going to battle.


Although cats are always safer and healthier indoors, it can become a boring place if they aren’t properly entertained. Apart from providing toys and items to play with, vertical territory allows them to jump and pounce into higher objects. This activity satisfies the mind and provides entertainment.

Stress reduction
Studies have shown that cats who are perched higher up have lower stress hormones and resting heart rates than those counterparts who were sitting on the ground.

By being perched higher up, cats can observe their surroundings and possible threats better, leading to a sense of control.

Vertical territory can take many forms – shelves, trees, stairs, hammocks and even bookcases!


In the eyes of a cat, small areas can be transformed into a large wonderland by installing vertical spots to perch. Go on, give your cat the HIGH LIFE and install some vertical territory!