Your new Vet that comes to you!

Finding a Surry Hills clinic that prioritises your pet’s care can feel like an insurmountable task. You are probably searching for a highly recommended vet that will put your pet first, but that won’t ruin your budget. Luckily, Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic – conveniently located in St. Peters – strives to provide the best care available to small animals at reasonable prices.

Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, first established in 2013, is a premier vet with an impressive reputation. Southern Cross possesses a high level of dedication to the care and treatment of cats, dogs, rabbits, and smaller rodents such as guinea pigs or gerbils. This vet employs highly trained professionals, including a team of experienced surgeons, who will make you feel at ease should your pet ever need invasive procedures performed.

A variety of features are offered by this clinic, including house calls, safe anaesthesia, and cutting edge medical innovations. The veterinarians at Southern Cross combine the latest discoveries in medical technology to ensure your pet is treated with the most advanced care available on the market. The friendly receptionist and other staff members are also dedicated to an unmatched level of customer satisfaction.

As we know, there is plenty of choice in the area for quality vets. We also want our Surry Hills clients to remain part of the Southern Cross Vet family. As a result, we offer FREE house calls to all Surry Hills residents.

If you are searching for a distinguished and affordable vet, Southern Cross could be the answer you have been searching for. Competitive pricing, commitment to meeting client expectations, and concentration on providing the best care available make Southern Cross a leading veterinary clinic in the region.

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