Get the Best Surgical Care for Your Pet, at the Southern Cross Vet Near Stanmore!

Whether it’s a routine spay or neuter surgery, or an emergency procedure necessary to save your pet’s life, when it comes to surgical care for your pet in Australia, very few vets can provide a better service than Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic.

Indeed, Southern Cross has earned a reputation not just as one of the best Stanmore vets for surgical care, but as one of the best in Australia. From hiring the best veterinary doctors to operate on your pets in the surgery room to outfitting our operating rooms with the best and most state-of-the-art medical technology available, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that you and your pets get the best experience possible during the nerve-wracking surgery time.

What if there is a complex surgical procedure that the doctors at our Stanmore vet office are not qualified to perform? There are certain procedures that would be better in the hands of more specialised surgeons, and when your pet requires such a procedure, we aren’t afraid to reach beyond our own business lines to get your cat or dog the care needed. We have relationships with local orthopaedic surgeons, soft tissue surgeons and even reconstructive surgeons, just to make sure your pet is always getting the best care.

Need more reason to trust Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic with your pet’s surgical care? Call us today and make an appointment to meet our doctor’s face to face. We can be reached at 02 9516 0234! or you can book online.