A rising problem in pets

Obesity in Cats and Dogs

We have the tips and tricks to keep your pet happy and healthy

Obesity in Cats and Dogs is one of the biggest problems in society today, for pets and people! Up to 44% of dogs, and up to 40% of cats are classed as obese in Australia.

‘Obesity’ is normally used as a term for being overweight however, it is a condition where a pet’s weight is more than 15% above ideal.

It can lead to so many medical conditions including diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, skin and hair problems and ultimately a decreased quality of life.

Here at Southern Cross Vets, Nurses Hannah and Mandy have started to tackle this huge issue by providing weight loss clinics. Weight loss needs to be manageable and achievable and the aim of the clinics is to give you guidance in doing this. The nurses will help move your pet onto a food that is right for them and discuss the amount of food your pet should be eating. They will also take some before and after photos, so that you can see the progress being made.

If you would like to learn more about obesity in Cats and Dogs, please make a booking for a weight loss assessment or call us today.