The very latest technology

Digital Radiology

The best Human grade equipment and technology for your pet

We use Carestream® radiology in our cutting-edge radiology suite.

It captures x-ray images in far more detail than other systems, giving us more information than ever before! It allows us to distribute patient images to every computer in the practice and even to specialist radiologists domestically and overseas for precise interpretation at the push of a button.

Why you should choose Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic if your pets require an X-Ray.

  1. Speed
    Our Carestream digital x ray system cuts down the time your pet needs to be in the imaging suite. If your pet needs to be anaesthetised for imaging, this means a shorter anaesthetic and in turn greater safety.
  2. Cost
    Just like digital cameras, there is no processing of film so the cost is the same no matter how many x rays are taken. This means each x ray examination costs less to you.
  3. Quality
    Our state of the art system takes better quality images for a clearer diagnosis.
  4. Less radiation
    Because the chance of taking a poor quality x ray is reduced, fewer repeat x rays are needed, meaning less exposure to radiation, so a decreased chance of cancer and other illnesses later in life.
  5. Training
    Apart from loving animals, the nurses taking your pet’s x ray are trained in radiography, meaning they take more useful x rays.

Advanced Imaging

Sometimes x-rays aren’t the most appropriate tool for our Doctors and they may recommend advanced imaging like ultrasound or CT scanning as the better test for your pet.

A typical whole-body cat CT scan takes 2 seconds and over 1,100 images are acquired at this time, giving the Doctor magnificent images to interpret.


Ultrasound is another technology that we use that is radiation-free and is used to image soft parts of the body like the bladder, liver, kidneys and other internal organs. Advanced imaging & ultrasound is covered by most pet insurance but you should check with your provider first.

Call Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic on (02) 9516 0234 to talk to someone about the benefits of CT imaging.