Southern Cross Vet Puppy School

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If you are searching for a Puppy School in Sydney, we have you covered at Southern Cross Vet! We currently offer schools at our St Peters Vet Clinic in the Inner West, Bellevue Hill Vet Clinic in the Eastern Suburbs and Surry Hills which is centrally located.

What can you expect from our Puppy School?

Taking your puppy can teach you all the tools and give you the know how to grow your puppy into a well-behaved and confident dog.

At our schools, your puppy will learn some of the important general obedience commands such as ‘sit’, ‘lay down’ and ‘stay’ but also how to listen to his name and to ‘come when called’. We also teach your puppy helpful skills to manage daily life, like to ‘leave it’ or ‘let go’ of something in your puppy’s mouth or how to ‘go’ and ‘stay’ on his puppy bed.

Toilet training is always a big topic that will be discussed and we will help you with tips and advise on how to housebreak your new family member.  As common as challenges are, puppy habits of nipping and biting hands and pants, as well as chewing items your puppy shouldn’t. We will advise on what to do when your puppy bites and how to prevent further development of bad behaviour.

In our classes, your puppy will learn how to appropriately play with other dogs. The majority of playtime is managed on a one-on-one basis where we let puppies of matching size and play style have some fun. This will teach puppies how to appropriately play with other dogs. It also helps shy puppies to come out of their shell and gain confidence.

We will help you to read and understand your puppy’s body language.

Socialization and habituation play a big role in Puppies. We guide you through critical stages of your puppy’s development and advise on how to expose your puppy best to all things in the environment, humans, dogs and other animals. This will help guide your puppy on how to be a confident and well-balanced dog. Socialization done well, can help to prevent excessive barking, fear, aggression and excessive shyness.

Our classes are structured to build up your puppy’s skills throughout the entire 4 week course. There will be parts of the theory, however, there is also a large part of practical training in each class.


Why should your puppy attend?

Thinking of a school a bit like pre-school for children will help you put things in perspective. Your puppy will be able to socialise with other puppies of its age, he will get to know other breeds and different personalities of dogs.

Under the guidance of our certified and experience dog and puppy trainers, your puppy will also be taught essential life skills and handy commands at a very early age where learning is so important. We help you with obedience training and advice and tips to answer all your questions and navigate through puppyhood with ease.


Who are our puppy trainers?

Your puppy trainers Caroline and Kerstin are certified dog and puppy trainers with a combined experience of over 15 years of professionally working with dogs. Caroline runs the dog walking and puppy training company Yappy Dogs and Kerstin owns the dog training school K9Fun.

Our schools are conveniently located in:

Inner West: St Peters Puppy school, which is convenient for those puppy parents in Wolli Creek, Stanmore, Newtown, Erskineville, Alexandria, Marrickville & Petersham

Eastern Suburbs Puppy school is located at Bellevue Hill and is conveniently located for puppy parents in Bondi Junction, Bondi Beach, Double Bay, Rose Bay and Vaucluse.

Central puppy school is located at St Peters, which is close to Redfern, Moore Park, Redfern, Paddington, Sydney CBD and Central.

To inquire, contact us via [email protected] or call 0411 494 346.