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Introducing the SOUTHERN CROSS VET Compassionate Fund.

Perhaps the worst scenario a veterinarian and pet parent experience is as follows: a certain diagnosis is given, the prognosis is poor unless a treatment is given, but the parent of the pet cannot afford this treatment and either substandard or NO treatment is performed leading to the suffering or death of the animal.

The decision not to pursue treatment is often one made with a heavy heart and a lot of angst, leaving financially disadvantaged owners with a sense of letting their pet down, despite years of a strong bond together. It with this painful thought that the Southern Cross Compassionate Fund was started – to prevent veterinarians and financially disadvantaged owners never having to bargain over life and death.

Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic pledges to commit one dollar for every dollar the public and clients of the clinic contribute into this fund. The aim is simple: to alleviate the burden on struggling families. It is hoped that through this fund, no animal will suffer due to economic disadvantage.