Pandemic Consulting

Our approach:

From the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve decided not to exclude our SCV families from their loved ones during this pandemic. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the stress our families are going through and that they want and need to be with their best friend in the clinic at this time for various reasons:

The pet may be anxious without their owners, critically ill, or they may be about to cross the rainbow bridge and need the support of their human family during their final moments.  We take the sensitive scenarios very seriously and as such, our spacious waiting rooms have been fully open and we have been dispensing compassion in equal measure as treatments during this pandemic we are experiencing.

When your pet visits us at SCV you don’t just receive the best medical care for your pet, rather your family also becomes our extended family. We are just as excited as you about your new puppy or kitten, we feel just as anxious when your pets get lost, we cry with you when it’s time to say goodbye and we laugh and reminisce with you about the memories.

We respect our SCV families too much to ask you to wait in the cold and rain while your pet undergoes tests and treatments inside. We’ve got no peep-holes for you to peer through, and invite you to be part of your pets’ journey to health every step of the way.

To keep looking after your pets, we are taking precautions to look after our humans as we take COVID-19 extremely seriously. While we don’t have barricades preventing you from entering the premises, we are doing a lot of practical, sensible and effective tactics behind the scenes including:

  • Our staff subject themselves to mandatory twice daily temperature checks. Any temperatures above 37.5 and they are sent home on full pay.
  • Returned travellers to Australia within the last 14 days are prohibited entry. Clients are asked when making a booking and reminded via emails and SMS prior to the appointment
  • Clients with symptoms of a cold or flu are asked to phone prior to arrival and we will meet them at a designated spot
  • Social distancing is enforced with strict limits on the number of clients in our clinic
  • Staggered appointments prevent crowding
  • Ethanol hand rub provided at all entries and exits and clients and staff asked to use when reaching this point
  • Masks available for free
  • All the other usual hygiene protocols to keep your family safe.

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