National Desexing Month at Southern Cross Vet

National Desexing Month at Southern Cross Vet

July has been identified as National Desexing Month by the National Desexing Network Australia. So, if you’ve been wanting to get your pet desexed, call 1300 DOC SAM (1300 362 726) now, to book their surgery and avail up to 20% off with some great additional offers!   

Note: Remember to use the code ‘[email protected]’  

Benefits of Desexing Your Pet

If you’re not planning on breeding your pet, we highly recommend getting them desexed. Neutered pets are not only known to live longer and have healthier lives but have also been known to show improved behaviour. Desexing your pets offers the following advantages:  

  • Avoids unnecessary pregnancies.  
  • Your pet is less likely to be hit by a car as they will roam less.  
  • Many people notice an improvement in behaviour.  
  • Increased life span because desexed pets are less susceptible to reproductive tumours.  
  • Decreased frequency of urine spraying/marking.  

Desexing your pets may also offer the following benefits to the community:  

  • No need to find homes for unwanted or unexpected litters of puppies or kittens.  
  • No additional costs to the community in terms of food or vet bills for the unwanted offspring.  
  • Avoids expensive surgeries from car accidents or fights, which are less likely to occur if your pet doesn’t roam around.  
  • Dumping puppies and kittens is an ethical cost, as well as being illegal and inhumane.  
  • Reduces the cost to the community of having to care for unwanted puppies and kittens in pounds and shelters.  

National Desexing Month Discount   

For dogs, Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic offers two desexing surgery options. If you opt to get your fur baby desexed through our traditional, ‘old school’ surgery method that everyone else does and has been effectively the same as, since the 1970s, you can get 20% off your surgery. However, if you opt for the safer, minimally invasive option you get 10% off on the procedure in addition to one of the following:   

  • A gift of a 5kg bag of Royal Canin dog food and collar   
  • $50 credit for future use   
  • Equivalent donation to Project HoPe (our charity that covers the cost of medical and surgical bills of the rough sleepers companion animals in Sydney)  
  • Opt for no discount and SCV will add $100 to project HoPe  
  • 2 months of free pet insurance with Pets on Me  

Remember, Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIC or Laparoscopic Spey) is much safer for your pets as compared to a traditional spey and allows your pet to recover more quickly without any internal bruising or bleeding during the surgery.   

You can read more about Minimally Invasive Surgery here and watch a comparison video to make it easy to understand the difference   

We are also offering 10% discounts on desexing surgeries for cats. You additionally get one of the following offers mentioned below when you choose to get your cat desexed with us:  

  • Gift: 1.5kg bag of Royal Canin and collar  
  • $50 for future credit use  
  • Equivalent donation to Project HoPe   
  • 2 months of free pet insurance with Pets on Me  

Finally, on getting your bunny desexed, you get 10% off in addition to a $25 gift card from Petsville.