Mosquitos, bugs and other nasties lurking after wet weather in Marrickville dog parks.

Mosquitos, bugs and other nasties lurking after wet weather in Marrickville dog parks.

The recent downpours across our Marrickville municipality present a variety of potential hazards for our pets; and certain illnesses become more common. Apart from the obvious – like keeping your pet away from slippery surfaces and flooded watercourses, there are more hidden dangers that may be lurking that we need to be aware of, says Vet Sam Kovac of Southern Cross Vet near Marrickville.


Hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm love moisture. These slippery little suckers are likely to survive in the grass and soil of our parks for longer. This means that you need to ramp up your pet’s intestinal parasite treatments now. The norm is to de-worm your pet every three months from the age of 6 months old. Signs of internal parasitism include lethargy, a dull coat, vomiting, dark faeces or just not being ‘right’.

Coccidia and giardia are two other common gastro bugs that require moisture to become infective. They are both common residents in our local dog parks and any prolonged or unusual diarrhoea should be investigated for these two nasties.


Mosquitos thrive after downpours as their larva require water to survive. After wet weather, mosquito-borne diseases like heartworm flourish. After the Queensland floods, there was a surge in heartworm cases even in northern NSW. You can protect your pet against heartworm via daily tablets, monthly chews or an annual injection administered by your veterinarian.


The outer layer of our skin protects us against the environment and bacteria. Contact with moisture and even humidity in the air causes maceration, or softening, of the outer skin surface, making it prone to infection. ‘Hot spots’ and ringworm are more likely to occur during wet weather incidents. If you have a double coated breed like a Corgi or Alaskan Malamute, make sure you keep their coat as dry as possible. It’s important to regularly check your pets skin surface for early signs of infection to avoid it becoming a more painful problem.

Keeping these thoughts in mind when having fun in the Marrickville municipality can help keep your pet away from the vet.