Choosing Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic as your Kogarah Vet

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Looking for a great vet in Kogarah? Choose Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic! Here at Southern Cross Vet, we provide the highest quality care for pets in the Kogarah area. We care for dogs, cats, and other small pets and provide a friendly and skilled office. For two years, we’ve been building relationships with families in Kogarah and in the surrounding areas. We hope you’ll choose us as your Kogarah vet.

How close is Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic to Kogarah?

We are located in St. Peters, at the heart of the Inner West and within convenient driving distance of Kogarah. You never have to worry about parking, as it is always easy to find a safe and convenient spot in our underground lot. Additionally, at Southern Cross Vet, we offer house calls at no additional charge. Let us bring the veterinary clinic to you!

What services does Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic provide?

We provide the best care for dogs, cats, rabbits, and rodents at competitive pricing. We are confident that we can provide you with the highest quality service in the area. You won’t find a more skilled Kogarah vet. If your pet needs surgery, you can rest assured that he’s in safe hands at Southern Cross Vet. All of our surgeries have a day-stay (no overnight) and we offer the safest anesthesia experience, with a 0% morbidity/mortality rate. We are confident that our staff surgeons have the best skill and experience of any provider in Kogarah. Contact us to find out more about our services!