Further Lepto Update

Further Lepto Update

Lepto update

A lot of media has lately focused on our pets being at risk of catching ‘lepto’, but what about people? Leptospirosis represents a significant risk to the humans in our community – our family, your family and our team.

If a human catches leptospirosis they can spend months in hospital or even die from complications including liver failure, kidney failure and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS).

People are asking why we are doing the vaccination for free. The risk to public health is precisely the reason that we want to get as many ‘at-risk’ animals immune to leptospirosis as quickly as possible. We need to prevent our SCV families getting sick, and we want to prevent new cases from occurring.

Response to our free vaccination service to protect our families:

We’re super proud to say we have immunised close to 1,000 dogs in our local areas so far and we believe that this service is part of the reason for why the disease is being controlled.

There have been no new reports to us of DNA-confirmed leptospirosis in our community and we feel that the risk of contracting the disease is now low.

Wait times

Due to the overwhelming response to our efforts to immunise the dogs in our local areas, some of our SCV family members have experienced extended wait times. These wait times have been unavoidable and we offer our sincere apologies and at the same time, thanks, for your understanding at this time.

Who do we consider dogs ‘at risk’ and who should be immunised?

Those dogs who live + play in the radius below

What are we doing to stamp ‘Lepto’ out?

Saturday 20th July vaccination Drive + BBQ

Our stocks of vaccines have been replenished and we’re holding a vaccination drive this Saturday with a BBQ for those who are waiting to vaccinate their pets.

This is the quickest, simplest way to get your pet vaccinated against leptospirosis and to help contain the disease.

Voluntary donations to Project HoPe – our charity assisting the companions of the homeless, will be accepted in cash on Saturday. You can read more about our charity here

Cats can’t be vaccinated against this disease, but lepto is so important to protect our community against, that even volunteers from the Cat Protection Society will be helping administer the vaccinations on Saturday.



Time: 11am – 2pm
Location: My Pet Warehouse, St Peters

Sorry, the event is now fully booked

Have we seen side effects?

About 10% of dogs have had mild side-effects to the vaccination and these have included:

·         Pain at the injection site

·         Lethargy

·         Vomiting

What dogs should NOT get the vaccination?

Patients who have compromised immune systems like those dogs undergoing chemotherapy, taking high doses of immune supressing drugs like prednisolone, cyclosporine.

If in doubt, always ask your veterinarian for advice about balancing the benefits against the risks of immunising your pet against leptospirosis.

If your pet can’t receive the vaccination and is ‘at-risk’, we suggest you avoid puddles, stagnant water and alleyways or building sites, that are home to rats that could be carrying leptospirosis.