The Safest Enmore Vet? Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic Boasts 0% Mortality Rate Due to Anaesthesia

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When you bring a new pet into your life, you have a long checklist of things to take care of. From buying food and toys to puppy or kitty-proofing your home, the list can be quite lengthy, but is usually just part of the fun of getting the pet. Perhaps the most important item on the list is to find a vet you can trust.

If you are looking for that trusted Enmore vet, look no further than Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic conveniently located in St. Peters. In addition to great facilities, greater doctors and surgeons and some of the best equipment you will find in any vet office, we also have the statistics to show why you should trust us. Specifically, we have a 0% mortality/morbidity rate due to anaesthesia. We have never lost an animal due to anaesthetic overdoses or complications, and we plan to keep the figure at zero for the entire life of our veterinary practice.

How do we ensure that your pets are kept safe under anaesthesia, whether while on the operating table for a spay or neuter, or while receiving thorough dental work? At Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, we have outfitted our operating rooms with the best anaesthetic machines on the mark. We don’t just mean the best pet anaesthetic equipment, either, but the best equipment, period. The machines you will find in our operating rooms are the same you would find in the operating rooms at human hospitals. So when your dog or cat has to go under anaesthesia for a procedure, you can trust that he or she will be as safe as any human surgical patient.

Our anaesthetic equipment and low mortality rate are just two of the things that set Southern Cross apart from other Enmore vets. To learn more about what makes us unique, visit us online, at