Dulwich Hill Vet

One of the greatest joys of having a pet is waking up every morning to the happiest and most loving ‘good morning’ greeting imaginable. Or, for some, it might even be sleeping with their pet by their side or at the foot of their bed! Either way, having to leave your dog or cat at the vet overnight to recover from a procedure—be it a surgery or a tooth removal—can be hard. You get so used to having your pet within 10 feet of you that it almost feels alien when they aren’t there.

For all those reasons and more, we at Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic strive to avoid overnight stays whenever possible. As a vet near Dulwich Hill, we understand that not only are overnight periods of separation tough for the pet owner, they are difficult for the pet as well. Being in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people can be a scary or traumatic experience for a pet, and at Southern Cross, we want to avoid that whenever possible.

In other words, when you bring your dog or cat into our Dulwich Hill vet clinic for a de-sexing surgery, we’ll have him or her back to you as soon as possible. Almost all of our surgeries are done on a day-stay basis, which means we operate early in the day, give your pet a few hours in our offices to rest and recover and then let you take him/her home. You’ll be happier, your pet will be more at ease and the quality of the procedure and the medical care will remain the same.

Interested in learning more about how things work at Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic? Call our vet offices near Dulwich Hill, at 02 9516 0234 or book online today.