Critters that Dulwich Hill Vet, pet owners need to be aware of.

Critters that Dulwich Hill Vet, pet owners need to be aware of.

With humidity and warmth still present in our inner suburbs like Dulwich Hill, the prevalence of parasitic insects and creepy crawlies increases. While annoying, some parasites can cause real health problems in our pets.



The pesky mosquito can cause multiple issues in our pets. A single bite can lead to an allergy which can become an infection. While readily treatable with antibiotics, preventing the initial bite is a better option. Mosquitos also carry the immature stage of heartworm, a deadly parasite that once a dog or cat is infected, heart failure ensues and there is no treatment apart from open heart surgery. This again represents a situation where prevention is better than cure and application of a product that has mosquito control in it like Advantix is a good way to prevent these blood suckers latching on to your pet.



The domestic house fly is a common nasty affecting Dulwich Hill that can cause ear problems in pets. When they bite the skin they also secrete saliva which has enzymes in it that breaks down protein. This leads to ulceration and bleeding of the ears and can attract more flies. Eventually the ear can get so damaged that fur doesn’t grow anymore. Investing in a natural fly trap if your pet spends a lot of time outdoors can help to reduce the burden of these critters.



Related to termites, these creepy crawlies are a common allergen in dogs and can induce skin rashes on contact. Spreading animal-safe cockroach baits around your Dulwich Hill home can reduce their presence.