Your pet deserves to be comfortable

Equissage for Pets

This amazing technology, although not new, is ideal for treating older pets, or those with joint and muscle pain.

Equissage was originally developed for human use in 1949 but has since had a breakthrough in the veterinary world.

It uses non-invasive vibration therapy to stimulate blood circulation and drainage of the lymphatic system.

This helps prevent and treat acute muscle spasms, muscle tension and soft tissue related trauma. It also benefits orthopaedic surgeries and arthritic patients as it increases joint mobility, reduces swelling, reduces joint discomfort and improves muscle stimulation.

Most owners notice a big difference after the second session.

We use both an Equissage paddle and an Equissage mattress to achieve the maximum benefit. It’s typically used synergistically with anti-inflammatories and cartrophen injection. It’s a very relaxing experience for them and they even get a treat at the end!