Your Premier Botany Vet performs house calls

Sometimes, getting a pet to a veterinary office is just not an option. For every cat or dog that happily climbs into a carrier for a trip to the vet, there are others that travel badly, struggle with mobility or are simply in too poor health to make a trip into town.

At Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, you don’t have to stress about getting your pet to our Botany vet. If your pet can’t make the trip, we will come to you! Our house call service brings quality animal health management services right into your home. As a disclaimer, we don’t offer this service to every pet or family. However, if your animal meets one of several criteria, we will be happy to consider a home care option.

For instance, some older pets—particularly bigger dogs struggling with joint pains, weak legs or other common issues of age—are difficult to load into the car for a trip to the vet. In such situations, we wouldn’t ask you to bring the animal to a Botany vet, but would instead send a doctor to your location.

For cats, the problem is rarely mobility, but stress or hyperactivity. Some feline specimens simply hate being loaded into a carrier and forced to ride in the car. Naturally, an already hyperactive and stressed-out cat is not going to stay still during a veterinary check-up, which can make providing care difficult. Home visits can alleviate the issue.

Finally, if you simply do not have a car to get to a Botany vet, but want to make sure your cat or dog gets the necessary care anyway, we at Southern Cross can be sensitive to that issue as well.

Interested in learning whether or not a home veterinary visit might be the appropriate choice for your pet? Contact Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic today at 02 9516 0234, book online, or you can learn more about our house call policy at