Visit Your Beaconsfield Vet for De-Worming Procedures!

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Roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms and other intestinal parasites are not uncommon for cats and dogs. In particular, many kittens and puppies have to be treated for worms when they are very young. However, worms and other parasites can affect pets of all ages, and can have a range of different side effects, from inexplicable weight loss to flatulence and beyond.

Luckily, worms are fairly easy to deal with if you have the help of an experienced a knowledgeable veterinary expert. At Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, a Beaconsfield vet located in St. Peters, we can work with you to decide the right parasite treatment for your pet. We are familiar with a variety of different curative measures, and can discuss which is best for your cat or dog—based on factors such as the type of worm, the pet’s age and overall medical history and more. Some of the de-worming treatments available at Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic can even address fleas or heartworms!

The bottom line is this – to protect your pet, your children and yourself from harmful parasites, pursuing de-worming and parasitic elimination treatments early on in your dog or cat’s life is important. Best of all, these treatments are easy and completely safe, and will have your pet worm-free before you know it. Just make an appointment and we’ll do the rest! We look forward to being your Beaconsfield vet with our convenient St. Peters location.

Contact Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic today, either online at or over the telephone at 02 9516 0234, to learn more about de-worming treatments!