15 Reasons A Rabbit Might Be The Pet For You

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15 Reasons A Rabbit Might Be The Pet For You

Pets can add a lot to your life. No matter what type you get, they offer affection, fun, and companionship. There are lots of different pets available, but one of the most overlooked is the humble rabbit. Bunnies might just be the cutest of all the pets. From their soft fur to their long ears and their twitching noses, they’re pretty much the gold standard when it comes to cute. But they have more going for them as pets than just their appearance. In fact, bunnies make amazing pets that suit a range of owners and living situations. So, if you’re trying to decide on a furry companion, here’s why you should choose the floppy-eared kind.

1. They’re Small

If you get a dog or a cat, then they’ll need somewhere to stretch their legs. For a Rabbit, it’s also advisable to have a garden to keep them happy, so they can exhibit their natural behaviours. For Rabbits, all you really need is a feeding station and a place for your rabbit to stretch out. And if you keep them in an x-pen or bedroom that has been converted into a bunny room, they’ll be happy little bunnies.

2. They’re Good House Pets

A rabbit will thoroughly enjoy living inside your house for its whole life. As long as they can hop around the room and get plenty of nutritious hay to eat, they will be perfectly happy and healthy living in your apartment or house and won’t miss the great outdoors. This means you don’t have to miss out on having a furry pet just because you don’t have a garden.

3. They Don’t Bark

When you live close to your neighbours, noisy animals can be a problem. Barking, scratching, meowing, it can all be a problem depending on the thickness of your walls. And there’s nothing worse than animals that make lots of noises at night, keeping you awake. But rabbits don’t often make noise, and when they do it’s really quiet. This will help you stay friendly with your neighbours and protect your restful nights too.

4. They’re Cuddly

If you’re looking for a cute pet, chances are that you want one that’s affectionate. You probably dream of spending nights with something soft and warm cuddling on your lap. And a rabbit is perfect for that. With time and attention, your rabbit will get to know your face and voice and will identify you as a source of treats and pets. And then they’ll be happy to curl up with you and watch Netflix.

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5. They’re Cheaper to Keep

Rabbits can be a cost-effective pet if you have limited funds. They’re one of the smaller pets, so don’t eat as much as other animals. And as long as you’re aware that some foods are dangerous for rabbits, you can supplement their diet with the parts of vegetables that you usually throw away. If you have a secured garden, you can even let them outside to eat every day. Rabbits will happily act as your lawnmower and keep your grass short. Just make sure you watch out for digging, as some rabbits are adept escape artists. Like all pets, however, it’s important you are in a position to care for their medical needs.

6. They Have Big Personalities

Rabbits might be small, but they make up for it in personality. Like every person, every rabbit is different. Some will be grumpy, others affectionate, and some will be socialites who absolutely love attention. That’s why it’s always best to get to know a rabbit before taking it home. This is your best chance of getting a rabbit that suits your personality. If you don’t have the chance to get to know your rabbit, then be prepared for a surprise. It’s an unexpected delight when you get to know a new animal, you never know what you’re going to get.

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7. Different Breeds for Different Needs.

There are more than 50 recognised rabbit breeds in the world. These breeds vary in size, in the colour and texture of their coat, and even in temperament. So, no matter what type of pet owner you are, there’s a rabbit breed that will suit your lifestyle, your personality, and your living space. Just make sure that you do your research first and choose a rabbit based on temperament as well as on how cute they look.

8. They Can Learn Tricks

If you’ve ever seen a magician do tricks with a rabbit, then you probably already know that they’re trainable. In fact, rabbits can be quite intelligent, and if they get a treat for doing something, they’ll quickly learn to repeat desired behaviours. This can also help to stave off boredom and prevent problem behaviours like chewing. Teach your rabbit to run an obstacle course, come when they’re called, jump through hoops, or fetch. Your rabbit will probably enjoy the exercise and it can make for a happy and busy times with your pet.

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9. You Can Toilet Train Them

Untrained rabbits will go to the toilet anywhere and can make a real mess of your house. But they’re actually very clean animals and would prefer to have one specific toilet area. If you give them a litter area with clean paper and do a bit of toilet training, they will soon go there and nowhere else. This will keep your house clean and sweet smelling. And your floors will thank you for it.

10. They’re Clean

Rabbits are naturally clean animals and they will groom themselves often. They aren’t like dogs, they won’t roll in everything smelly, and as long as your rabbit is healthy it should smell clean and pleasant. You can help keep them sweet smelling by brushing your rabbit a couple of times a week, an event that can be very enjoyable for both of you. Just remember, if you get one of those adorable long-haired breeds, then you will probably have to brush them every day. It’s the payoff for having all that fluffy fur.

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11. They Live a Long Time

If you love and care for your rabbit it will probably live a long and happy life. Indoor rabbits can live between 8 and 12 years, and some smaller breeds can live well into their teens. This is very different to the normal rabbit lifespan in the wild where they’re vulnerable to predators, heat, the cold, and infections. It’s always better for your pet to have a long life. Nobody wants to lose a treasured friend soon after getting them. This long life span is one of the biggest advantages that rabbits have over other popular pets like hamsters and mice, which only live a few years.

12. Lots of Rabbits Need Homes

Certain breeds of dogs and cats are very fashionable at the moment. These breeds can be difficult to find and extremely expensive as well. You won’t have this problem when you’re looking for a rabbit. Lots of abandoned bunnies find their way to shelters every year. And you can give them a home and do your good turn for the year by giving them a fresh start.

13. They’re Good Pets for Adults

Rabbits aren’t really the right type of pet for children, particularly younger children. There are several reasons for this. The first is that they’re a prey animal and can bite or scratch if picked up incorrectly. They’re also fairly fragile and can break a leg if small hands drop them. Finally, bunnies need specialised food and ongoing care. And they can easily suffer or die if they don’t get what they need. But if you’re an adult and don’t mind doing a bit of work caring for your furry friend, a rabbit will reward you for all your efforts with affection, fun, and cuddly times.

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14. They’re Funny

It sounds strange to say, but rabbits make for funny pets. They’re always curious and spend a lot of time investigating everything. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself sitting back and just watching your pet hop around, sticking its nose into things. There’s always something going on when you have a rabbit in the house. And this can be a welcome change if you’re looking for a furry companion to stave off loneliness.

15. They’re Cute

The fuzzy, hoppy bunny is probably the cutest pet in the world. Between their little noses, their floppy ears, and their soft fur, they have a lot going for them as pets. This overwhelming cuteness is one of their biggest draws as pets. No one can resist them.

If you think a rabbit might be the pet for you after reading this list, make sure you do your research before buying. Rabbits aren’t always the easiest pets, and you will need to understand their needs if you’re going to keep them healthy and happy. Make sure you talk to a vet who understands rabbits and get to know your potential pet before you buy them. And may you have many fun, happy and adorable years together.

Author: Dr Jordan Dasilva (DVM)

Dr. Jordan hails from across the ocean from the winter lands of Toronto, Canada. He graduated from the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at the University of Sydney in 2019 and has joined the team at Southern Cross Vets since. Dr. Jordan shares his enthusiasm and love for all animals, especially those with feathers and scales.